The Golden Choice

If there is one thing I’ve learned is that golden jewelry never goes out of style! It goes with every outfit and every style, from classy or tomboy to bohemian or girly. Every color from black, white and beige, to red, green and blue. From simple earrings to an overload of gold rings on your fingers, you can never go wrong with some gold on your body.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor me I like to keep it simple.

I think for an casual everyday look you can never go wrong with a tiny necklace or some simple earrings. I also think a watch is the perfect everyday accessories, and my favorite at the moment is this one from the brand Skagen. It’s a Danish brand, and it’s design is simple, classy and have soft curves.

Skagen describe itself as a design that celebrates Denmark and the seaside village of Skagen. The North and Baltic Sea meet here and the design reflects that. I’ve been in Skagen several times, and it’s beautiful. The white sand against the two different oceans. It looks like someone is drawing a soft line in the ocean. And the white pearl dial reminds me of walking along the Branch in the white sand in Skagen, which is the northernmost point of Denmark. It’s such a idyllic place.


Two years ago I got this watch for my birthday. It was actually a gift from my ex boyfriend. We picked it out together from a shop at the airport in Copenhagen, when we were heading home after our weekend trip. There was so much marketing about the brand Skagen, so it was easy to spot the many watches and bags they had in their collection. And my eyes immediately spottet the golden one, and I was sold. Since that day it’s been my favorite.

I wear the watch almost everyday. It’s simplicity makes it go with everything, and are appropriate at every occasion. I never get tired of the design, and maybe that’s why I still love it, two years later since I got it. It’s just so timeless. I also love how it has a gold steel mesh band, because I like the more gold the better. What I don’t usually like is diamonds and bling. However, think on this watch it’s just enough krystalls. It’s just some small ones that are placed discreet on the dial.


Like the designer Michael Kors said once: “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Wacoal Europe

I agree with Michael Kors. I think that just the watch itself is an excellent accessorie to make an outfit be complete. As I see it, a watch is more like a jewelry than just a useful item to tell you what time it is. I wear a lot of black clothes, often is my hole outfit just black. Black shoes, jacket, jeans and top. So therefore I love to put on my gold watch. It pops out from my black outfit and make it more interesting.

Since I’m hooked on the gold trend, I’ve found five other classic, timeless golden watches that I really think are as beautiful as the one I already own. Maybe you find your own favorite:


From the upper left: Cluse watch, Komono watch, Casio watch, Marc Jacobs watch, Larsson & Jennings watch.



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