5 Ways to Wear the Classic Blue Shirt

I love being creative about clothes. I like making shorts out of jeans, make crop tops out of old sweaters that I don’t like anymore, and try to make new combination so I get a whole new outfit.

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Lately I’ve been hooked on button down shirts. White, blue, striped, oversized or cropped. But I recently found out that you can wear a shirt so many different ways. Not only the standard way were you put it on and button it up, and then you’re good to go. Therefore I made a video about my top 5 favorites on how I wear a shirt. Specially the back-knot and the skirt is the two I wear the most.

5 Different Ways To Wear The Classic Blue Shirt from Stine Foldvik on Vimeo.

What’s your favorite of the 5 different ways to wear a shirt?